February 13, 2010

Early Valentine's Day Present =)

In gearing up for Valentine's Day I wore heart scrubs to work, went out and got Chris' Valentine present/cards, and a little something for Logan's first Valentine's Day. I came home tonight to a baby who only wanted Mommy, a boyfriend who was exiting the house to pick up dinner as I was walking in and my friends, who watched Logan while we were working, who were sitting around the TV watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 winter Olympics and waiting for said dinner. 

CHAOS!! Logan was cranky because he was tired, we were all hungry and, sorry Canada, the ceremony was nothing compared to the last opening ceremony =(  When the friends left and the baby asleep my dear boyfriend, who needs to become a fiance soon, presented me with these:

Beautiful dozen red roses! Happy early Valentine's Day to me!! Tomorrow is a haircut! Woo!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone ♥

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh those are lovely... =] Did you get your hair cut???


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