February 15, 2010

Paper {{Love}}

I love scrapbooking and I'm pretty OCD with how I do it. I've done layout of the months and bought packs to complete photos and that's pretty much how I scrap.  I find paper I love and then find the photos to go with them. I used to us Creative Memories until my consultant stopped being one. When Chris introduced me to his step-mom my scrapbooking skills soared! No longer did I just cut pics and put them in a book with stickers. I now can use embellishments, stamps, stickers, the Cricket (which I'm gonna need when I move to Memphis), sticker makers, brads (I used to think it was just a name). I love everything about it! It is an expensive hobby though! Who cares right! These pictures I'll look back on and the story will be written down.

Sooooo I bought more stuff, LOL. Yup my order is going to be put in in April Woo. Just in time for me to use it out in TN.  So here's what I ordered:

"Caboodle" because it's so summery and boyish! I'll probably use this for Logan summer pics!
(Image courtesy of CTMH)

"Emporium" -- I'm using this pack for Logan's baptism pics.
(Image courtesy of CTMH)

I also ordered page protectors, flip flaps, photo storage protectors, and stickers that go along with the packs! I cannot wait to get them!!! 

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