February 21, 2010

Scrapbook Saturdays

It's been a few days since I lasted posted something and partly because I've been upset about my impending move to Memphis. I'll try better next time ;-). 

Yesterday I went and scrapbooked to attempt to destress and it sort of worked. I got 2 pages done Yay!

These pages weren't so hard and they're still missing elements.  I'm going to try and find nautical buttons and put them on the end of the brown striped strips.  Anywho both pages were made using Martha Stewart's School Days Multimedia Pack 12 x 12 Paper (Boys). The letters were done on the Cricut (which I would like to own once I'm down in TN) using the Printing 101 cartridge. I would've liked to have done more but this is all time and Logan would allow for.  Enjoy!

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