February 26, 2010

Oh The Whether Outside is Frightful!

Yes, once again, the Northeast is being slammed with another "blizzard" and plainly put it's screwing up my weekend...Well the weekend won't be so bad because by tomorrow we should have sunny skies but it's screwing up my Friday. Chris and I are supposed to be flying to Memphis tonight to search for a new place to call a home for when we relocate. We're set up with a realtor and everything right now but low and behold the snow may threaten to cancel any and all plans for a weekend trip. Yes I've been checking the airline and they still say "on time" yet the airport only gives you information 6 hours in advanced so I'm waiting. 

In the meantime I still need to decide if it's worth continuing to pack for Logan's weekend because, unfortunately, in order to get stuff done, we need to leave him here in New Jersey.  He'll be staying with his grandparents and then aunt and uncle.  But, again, is it worth it?  I also have to decide how we'll be getting up to the airport. Intially (and still) my future SIL (no not engaged yet) was going to drive us up there. But I just drove the parkway and it was completely not safe and not plowed. Soooo to keep her safe I'm debating whether we should find an alternate way to get up there! 

The one good thing is that Chris is home! Yay. So I really should be saying that WE are debating because since he's home he should at least help out with the details, right?   I would really rather climb into bed and go back to sleep. Let me tell ya how tempted I really am, especially, when I'm on my bed writing this post! LOL. 


Anonymous said...

Well I am tracking your flight and your in the air already.... Memphis here she comes.

I love you to the moon and back..

love MOM

Anonymous said...

Well your in Memphis... and yes i tracked you, I am a mom and I will track you until the day I go home... I love you have fun...


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