September 02, 2010

The Other Mother

Do you see that thing in my son's mouth?
Well she's the other mother!
I'm completely serious!!
We call her Binky!

I find her in my room

Or in my kitchen

I've also found her on the floor, in the bags, in the car, in and behind the crib!
I find her everywhere!!
And where I, once, appreciated her comfort and her ability to quite my child
I now no longer like her!
She's keeps my son from talking
Logan has even called it "Momma" yesterday!

I'm really over her being in EVERY picture
I've tried to limit her use to nap time and bed time ONLY
But sometimes I fail because it's the only thing that will console him!
I want to get rid of her but she's also my crutch, damn BINKY!
Is 17 months too soon or too late?
Getting rid of Mr. Bottle wasn't half as hard as this!
Any advice?

1 comment:

Liz said...

Oh brother! I so wish I could help, but neither one of my kids ever wanted anything to do with a pacifier. I'm happy about it after the fact, but there were days I would have given anything to duct tape it to their mouths if it weren't considered child abuse.
Good luck! You can do it!


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