September 13, 2010

Busy Bees

That's what we all were this weekend: busy bees!! This weekend was full of being outdoors and it was great to be outside since we've suffered some pretty HOT temps this summer! Saturday we spent most of the day at the Delta Fair at the Agricenter! It was a rainy, cloudy morning and early afternoon but it was PERFECT, for me at least. For a county fair it was definitely bigger than some that I've been too! The amount of rides and carnival games, I felt like I was at an amusement park! Unfortunately, Logan was only able to really go on a few rides so we bought enough tickets for those rides and he had a blast!! He went on the Merry Go Round twice (he flipped out after we took him off and the attendant let him go for another round) and then he went on some Ducky/Boat ride! He went on that twice too!!
Logan with the penguin that we paid $10 dollars for playing a game!
Bob Bohm's Magic Show!

So the Delta Fair also has a petting zoo area and as soon as we entered Logan threw his hands up to the animals to touch them! So Chris bought some feed to feed them and whereas I thought it was icky, Logan LOVED it!!! He was shrieking and kept throwing out his hand even if he didn't have any food!
We had lunch and then left bc Logan was getting antsy!

I decided to go over to Eclectica and join the SNL group!! So much fun and we made such amazing layouts, I'll have to post about them later!

Sunday was the Germantown Festival at the local park! The festival was more of a meet the local artists and businesses, although there were rides, food, and little races going on! I actually had a lot of fun here too! Chris and I met the girls who run the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation! They were lovely and I would love to work with them for next year's walk!
(My festival purchases)
One of the businesses we talked with, Spring River Candles, located in Hardy, AR, actually recycles wine, champagne, and beer bottles and flattens them to make them cheese platters, spoon holders, bowls, or wall art!! So as you can see I bought one, after much debate with my own voice of reason! The wires for the flowers can't come out but the flowers can be changed! I was so intrigued by her work that I wanted to buy more but she only had dark bottles left!  That candle was also made by them!
The Weenie Dog Race
(So cute!)

It was such a beautiful day but the son was HOT! So we went home and just relaxed! Chris and I ended our weekend with a walk and a game of Scrabble! He cheated as you can see!
(He used the word "haven't" and the names "Zach" and "Arod". The name Ryan was my attempt at retaliation but I felt guilty knowing I wasn't any better!)


MrsB said...

i see no luck yet with the binkie?! hah. the fair looks like a blast! i love the weiner dog race!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures you took...I love the one with the flower by the window. Nice. and Logan just looks like her really had a fun time... =]


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