September 06, 2010

Chair Love

I love Labor Day weekend! It's never long enough but it is the unofficial end of summer! Chris and I went to New Orleans for the weekend and I'll be posting about the weekend sometime this week but I just had to share this:

We went to one of many antique shop and this was my absolute favorite find! It was an orange with gold paisley and with a turquoise wood framed carved so beautifully! I would loved to have this and its pair in my sunroom but with a price tag of $5,900.00 (yes, you read that right) I could only admire and sit in it, of course! We saw so many lovely (expensive) things and it made me want to "be a billionaire so freakin' bad" (song lyrics, ha!). One of the shops we went into greeted us and told us that we didn't have to buy the exact ones in the shop, but that we could special order something and have it to us in 8 weeks! Amazing treatment and gorgeous stuff! Even if you can't afford the items you should still go in and experience the history and the beauty of these items, even if the price tag makes your heart race and your mouth drop! Ha!♥

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