September 19, 2010

Fall, Where Are You?

This weekend was far from fall like for us! On Saturday we attended the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation's 3rd Annual walk at Shelby Farms in memory of Mary Frances, Chris' friend's mom! They had an awersome turn out, even though, it was HOT!! The end of the walk was pretty emotional, with the releasing of doves, which I didn't know was going to be there! They had 15 survivors walking and they also released the doves! I teared up!

Team Mary Frances-Memphis!

Driving in his car.

Sunday was pretty much a relatively lazy day! We spent the whole day at home and caught up on the domestic needs. I'm down to just ONE box that needs to be unpacked! It's about darn time!! Although it was 97 degrees outside, inside it was as fall as fall gets. Chris cooked up some chicken soup in the crock, which smelled delish, add the smells of cookies and fall candles, and one would've thought it was 70 degrees outside! I'm hoping fall gets to TN soon because I'm homesick for some New England fall!

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