August 31, 2010


I've never been to Ireland
But I would love to go!

I love the culture, the language, the symbolism

I celebrate St. Patrick's Day without having an ounce of Irish in me
I gear myself up in green, drink a Guinness, and shout Slainte! 

Maybe in lieu of a wedding, because at this point a traditional wedding is looking bleak, Chris and I will get married at the justice of the peace and splurge on a trip to Ireland!


Liz said...

Sounds perfect! And then come home and throw a cozy party for friends and family. Whoever can make it comes, and whoever can't,... well, it's their loss. But at least you'll have your Ireland trip and a celebration! That is definitely what I would do :)

MrsB said...

i stayed in galway (on the west coast) and it was incredible. a group of 17 of us flew from the states to ireland to attend a friends wedding. so intimate and personal - i think you should do that. :)


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