August 25, 2010

100 & Walk for Awareness

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Here it is my 100th post!
Thank you for reading and to my followers for following.
I love reading your comments!
Thank you
My 100th post doesn't come with a giveaway or a freebie, sadly, but I thought this would be a great post to share with you about a great awareness foundation.  September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!
Back in 2008, Chris attended a walk for the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation, in memory of his best friend's mom, Mary Frances, who had passed away from the disease in 2004.  I never met Mary Frances but Chris always tells stories about her, her deep Irish accent, and has fond memories of her. I would've loved to have met her. In 2009, we both attended the walk, with Logan, for the same foundation, and Team Mary Frances, not only had increased their group size but their donations, as well!

The 2009 Team Mary Frances group

This year Mary Frances' family and their friends will be walking for their 3rd year in a row! Unfortunately, we won't be able to walk with them BUT we did find an ovarian cancer awareness organization, here, in the Memphis area and they are doing a walk! The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation is having their walk September 18, 2010 at Shelby Farms!! So if you're in the Memphis area or live around the Memphis area and are interested in walking for a great cause you should definitely look into this!


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