August 09, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

I think I finally figured out my favorite season. It's Autumn or Fall. Every year when September is around the corner I get excited! I try not to start decorating until September but I can't help but get giddy about all my favorite fall things!

(Buying Fall scented candles, which I did this weekend!
Apple Cider & Autumn Fruit)
Foilage changing it's colors
Pumpkin pickin'
Apple picking, pies, stews, sweatshirts with shorts and flip flops, crisp cool nights, Thanksgiving, and so much more! I'm sorry to my summer lovin' readers who dread the end of the hot season, I love it too, just not in August. I'm ready for some fall!

images via weheartit


MrsB said...

omg im totally ready to start decorating for fall!

Jesse said...

I love pumpkin picking with my kids. So fun!


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