April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

First and foremost I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter!! We've had a busy day today and oh, so much fun, visiting with friends and family. This time last year Logan was not even a month old (although it was only 3 days away)!
Here's Logan last year at Easter! He was soo little!!

Here's my handsome little boy this year!! I can't believe how time has flown!!

Anways, this year I loved watching him discover his basket, he seemed a little confused, but wasn't to phased because, of course, his basket had Logan stuff in it. The Easter Bunny gave him bath toys and his first toothbrush/toothpaste set! He actually loved doing it this morning (YAY)!  The Easter Bunny brought Chris some candy and a Lego! Yes, you read correctly! The Easter Bunny brought me blank journals, lots of candy, and books!!

Chris' friend, Kamyar, came for a visit this morning and then we spent the afternoon with Chris' dad and step mom! Logan had such a fun time playing outside in the sunshine and enjoyed his time with his grandparents. He wore his birthday pictures outfit and looked just as cute as the first time he wore them!!

He's playing in his little police car!! Following in his uncle's footsteps maybe?

This is one of my favorite pictures from today!! Logan and his Grandpop walking together! Logan LOVESS his grandpop!! It's pictures like these that make me sad that we're moving so far away! I really hope that moving so far doesn't affect the bond that he has to his grandfather!

This was my second favorite!! Logan's "great-grandparents" bought a yellow lab/golden retriever mix puppy. She loved Logan and Logan loved her!! They played with each other!! Logan's face is so scrunched and excited!! Unfortunately, the puppy is still nameless. Molly was a possibility!!

My third favorite picture! My two loves, hand in hand, walking towards whatever! Logan loves his Daddy! I just realized that my son and I did not take a picture together today! =( I'll need to remember that for next year! Hope everyone had a great Easter!! xo ♥

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