April 19, 2010


So moving day is almost here, in a less than 7 days, we will have packed our moving truck, cars, and son and start the 15 hour (give or take) drive to Tennessee. It's a bittersweet transition because we're leaving family and old friends to start a new life half way across the country but we're also super excited about this new experience. I'm not gonna lie, this is a whole new start, almost like we're shedding our old "skin" for a new one and I'm excited. This is what my dining room, or storage area, looks like (not bad considering how much we've accumulated!). The only thing I love about moving is getting rid of stuff and it always feel like such a huge weight lifted off of us!

Logan playing with a box! HA!

I love being a Jersey girl and I'll always be Jersey strong! These are some of the things I'm gonna miss from home:
  • Definitely the boadwalks/beaches
  • Fall weather in New England
  • NYC being a hop, skip and jump away
  • Pork roll
  • Entemann's bakery items
  • My Verizon Fios!
  • ShopRite iced tea mix!
  • Diane Dr. (my home now; It's the place where I brought my baby home from the hospital, where Chris and I got engaged, and where we decided to make a move for TN, it will always be dear to me)
  • TFFC #1 (Chris' volunteer fire company where his family is a legacy, his great-grandfather being one of the founding fathers)
  • Paper Wings, scrapbook of the month, with Chris' step-mom.
  • Jersey Shore Premium Outlets (enough said! Ha!)
What I'm not going to miss (ha!)
  • Garden State Pkwy (It's the only highway road that makes you pay to drive)
  • NJ Taxes
  • Traffic (everywhere!)
  • Drama (ha!)
What I'm excited about in TN:
  • Decorating/living in our new home
  • Eclectica Scrapbooks & Stamps in Bartlett, TN
  • All the sights and scenes of Memphis and Tennessee (I've been following Kerry on her I Love Memphis blog and having been getting a feel for where to go and what to see! I love her "What's to do in Memphis this Weekend")
  • Making new friends
  • Continuing my education at (hopefully) The University of Memphis!
  • Getting in shape (our complex has a gym!!)
  • Planning some sort of wedding (whether it's a destination wedding or a NJ wedding we're not sure but there will be planning)
  • Enjoying the pool (it has a pool too! I'm excited to see how Logan fares this year!!)
  • Hopefully getting a job that I love in TN.
  • Knowing that Chris is bettering himself (professionally) and getting the experience he needs!
  • Having my mom 4 hours away and my grandparents/uncle only 6 hours away! Oh and my brother lives in TX so that'll be closer too!
Whew! I've been needing to write that down. I'm excited and sad! I'm not a big fan of change but I'm ready for this! ♥ xo


MrsB said...

i ♥ tennessee. and i completely know how you feel. i really miss my friends. and some days i miss the boardwalk ... i dont usually miss the rest.
good luck!

Liz Butler said...

Moving can be quite the daunting task, especially with a little one. But please know that even though we don't really "know" each other, if there's anything I can do to help during this transition process, I'm only a phone call away. Best of luck with the move and have a safe trip! I look forward to seeing you at Eclectica!

Amanda said...

I grew up near Bartlett in a town called Collierville. Bartlett is really near Cordova, where they have a wonderful mall and lots of great restaurants! I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but you will eventually feel comfortable. You can make it anywhere if you are close to family!

Krystle said...

Nicole: I hope I feel that way when I'm out there! =)

Liz: Thank you so much! It's nice to know that there's someone out there ready to lend a hand without really knowing who the other person is!! I appreciate it immensely and can't wait to meet you!

Amanda: We'll be living in Cordova. We found this great place really only 5 minutes away from the mall, stores, restaurants, so it didn't feel like it was going to be so daunting! Thanks for the words of encouragement =)


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