March 29, 2010

My "Quilted" Pink-er Upper!

So the other day I was writing out the envelopes for Thank You cards when I noticed that my FAVORITE address book suffered a mishap. Now it may seem odd for someone to have a favorite address book but this one I've had since the beginning of college. It had a front and back cover of a serene beach scene with a girl holding on to her hat in the breeze. I loved everything about it. Unfortunately someone spilled something on it and didn't dry it (probably didn't even realize it) but in any case it developed some mold in the back. So, with a heavy heart, into the trash it went. I had to have a new one, especially with pages torn out and addresses no longer secured in a book I went to B&N and found this one:

(It's even got a spot for important dates to remember!!!)

While I was at B&N I played with the Nook! I'm really liking them, although, it means I would have to shop and compare prices before buying! I don't want to completely phase out actually touching a book.

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