March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Logan!!

My baby boy is an official 1 year old toddler now. I cried this morning because I don't want him to grow up but I know it's inevitable. I felt like his first year went by so fast I wish I could go back to everyday and do it all over again.  He has brought so much love and happiness into my life, as well as, his family. It's unbelievable that one year has come and gone.  This was Logan one year ago on this day:

Yesterday we had his birthday party with friends and family. It was so much fun but my poor baby had NOT slept at ALLLL!!! Let's talk about CRANKY!! He was so tired that when the party was done, the car was packed and Logan was safely in his car seat, the second we moved the car he was OUT!!! He was DUNZO!!

We did a firetruck/man themed birthday, which was appropriate for where we held it. I wanted to wait until he was older but with us moving away I didn't know if I'd get the opportunity to have his family there to celebrate with him. Our friend, Kelly, took her Saturday and helped us by making his fire truck cake which came out AMAZING!!! I didn't want to cut into it!  We also had cupcakes and Funfetti cookie lollipops, as favors, that were personalized with each child's name (no pics on those =(  The cookie lollipops were stuck on to a styrofoam circle and put in a Shamrock pail (completely unrelated to the theme but close to Logan's birthday and St. Patrick's Day was his original due date). I helped Logan's Aunt Tierney make the cupcakes and lollipops.

Here's Logan enjoying his birthday cake and really not getting messy lol!

I love the cupcake his Grandma made for his birthday party. Initially it was for him but she decided to use it for everyone's party and just replace the sign! Gotta love his Grandma. Here's what the cupcake looked like:

It was a good day, unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures with my little man yesterday, because so much was going on but I will get one in today! I love you Logan! You are Mommy and Daddy's pride and joy! We're so happy and honored to be your parents! Thank you for the lessons you've given to us, the challenges you've brought on, the unconditional love, the laughter, the tears, and the milestones, because they've made us better and stronger parents. We thank God for entrusting us with you! You are the best gift I could've ever been given. Happy Birthday Boo-Boo ♥


Anonymous said...

Your such a great mommy...I Love you so much, and I thank Jesus everyday for you bc you brought me so much love into my heart... What a wonderful child your are... to the MOON AND BACK ... I LOVE YOU and cant wait until you move to go see you and Logan...

Liz Butler said...

Oh, how funny! My little boy's birthday was on Sunday and his BDay party, which will be this coming Saturday, is also fireman themed. Happy Birthday to your sweet Logan!

And yes, they do grow up ENTIRELY too fast:( It's killing me to think my oldest starts Kindergarten next fall.


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