March 05, 2010

Little Pink Raincoat

I needed to read something light! All of the books I've recently bought have been really deep or thought provoking, and Alice in Wonderland was a bit confusing and took me longer than expected to start (plus I lost it on the plane because I left it there) so I bought Men May Come and Men Mayb Go But I've Still Got My Little Pink Raincoat (whew!).  I started it on the plane home and I was laughing hysterically (and I'm only on page 18).  I'm dying to get back to it but haven't had time to!!

So in honor of this book, here are some cute pink, and not so pink, raincoats!

(from Etsy)

(from Gap)

(From Target, I'm loving the plaid)

(My favorite, it's a Rain Jacket-in-a-Packet, from Old Navy!!)

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