March 02, 2010


AHHH! I'm sooo excited! There were tears involved and complete pure happiness! I'm in love, with Chris, of course but also my new ring!!! There's no big story but it's still a night I'm going to remember!  Apparently Chris wanted to propose while we were in Memphis but the snow closed the store early on Thursday and was closed all day on Friday. So last night when I got home Chris made me Chicken nuggets and couscous for dinner! We played with Logan put him to bed and then went to bed ourselves. 

This is how it went, bear with me, lol
Chris: "I bought you something and it's in the house somewhere"
Me: "Is it in your briefcase?"
Chris: "Maybe"
----I checked----Found nothing.
Me: "It's not in there"
Chris: "Keep looking.
----My next move is looking in his closet----I look & don't find, but I'm short so I grab a container of clothes and step on it to look on the top and FOUND A BAG!!!
Me: "I found it!!"
Chris: "Don't take it down"
Me: "Please, please (with my hands clasped)...That's so wrong"
----I take it down and bring it to our bed----
Chris: "You can't have it yet"
----My dear, now, fiance, makes me watch an episode of Modern Marvels on SALT and the whole while he's snoring!!----
Me: "Soooo I watched while you slept can I open it"
Chris: "Do you really want to?"
Me: "YES!!!"
Chris: "Do you want to be a Park?"
----At this point I'm crying and hugging him----
Chris: "I guess you don't. Ok I'll take this back"
Me: "No nO NO!"
Chris: "Are you sure you want to be a Park?"
Me: "Yes! Are you sure you want to marry me?"
Chris: "Well if I wasn't do you think I'd go through all this trouble?"
Me: "Duh, no! lol"
Me: "Yes!!!!"
----Chris opens it and does a little version of what Richard Gere does to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with the box and than slips this gorgeous ring on my finger----

And yes he went to Jared's!!! LOL.
Since it happened at midnight we didn't take any couple engaged pictures but I told him we had to do it tonight and he agreed so I'll update later ♥ xo


Amanda said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! What a gorgeous ring!

Krystle said...

Thank you!!! =)

Juggling Thoughts said...

Oh my GOOD GOSH! That ring is AMAZING!!! I'm so happy for you, congratulations! There's absolutely nothing cooler than being married :)

Thanks so much for following me, I really appreciate it! You have your newest follower too ;)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS...KIDDO.. love to know your happier... =]

Krystle said...

Juggling Thoughts: Thank you =) I'm soo happy!! And you're welcome! Thanks for following me too!

Mom: Thanks, I love you too =)


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