March 22, 2010

It's Been 1 Week Since

"you looked at me" (Bare Naked Ladies).  No really it has been 1 week since I blogged about anything!! I really wanted to come on and blog but we've been enjoying some delicious spring weather here in NJ!! Last year Logan was an infant during the spring/summer so I've been soaking up all of his expressions and the new sights with him.  So I'll back track (as far as I can remember, LOL)

We did nothing! Absolutely nothing, sadly. NO corn beef with cabbage. NO parade for us (it was happening on our TV though), NO going to the bar and drinking all day but we DID wear Green!!! I did happen to snap a pic of me and Logan on St. Patty's Day.

3/18/2010: We ran around and enjoyed the sun (no pics tho)!
3/19/2010: Logan had a playdate with a friend of mine and her son. We took them to the park and he LOVED it, even though he was a little unsure! Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but my girl friend took pics with her phone and sent them to me!!! Here are a couple.
Logan playing with Michael.
My cutey patutey!!
Trying to figure out the tunnel!

Saturday: HAPPY SPRING!!! We went down to Logan's grandparents house to get away from home for a little while.  Saturday we took Logan to an historic town called Smithville. It was cute but crowded so I didn't let him out of his stroller.  Here he is with Grandma Mary
On Sunday Logan went to the Cape May Zoo with his grandparents while his Daddy and I took a detour back to Smithville, where we bought a cute little tealight lantern for our new home in Cordova (we hope, haven't heard anything yet).  

Anyways Logan was soo amazed by the reptiles..yuck..I think Grandma Mary snapped some shots of that. We enjoyed a taco dinner that night, as well as, Logan, gave him a bath and came home.  Whew. Long but fun weekend!!! I also learned how to make flowers that looked burnt for a scrapbooking page I'm working on. Will post about that later =)

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