July 28, 2010

Let's Get Physical!

Recently I've been in a funk and it's in every aspect of my life, which isn't good. So yesterday I decided to change that and the first thing on the list was getting active! Since it's summertime (and my least favorite season, even though I love the beach) it's really difficult for me to get motivated with all the hot temps and humidity. I love taking walks outside but TN gets real hot real quick so I'll just wait til fall to start that! But the simple truth of the matter is, I'm not active, at all! I still haven't shed the baby weight and he's almost 2 and I love food, cooking it and eating it, which isn't helping lose that baby weight! Since I'm not willing to not eat yummy food or even have another baby I needed to get active. I don't have the budget to get a personal trainer (which is what I really want, ha!) and I don't even own exercise equipment (the elliptical being my favorite) so I work with I've got!
For Christmas I received the Wii Console as a gift (yay!) and with it a the Wii Active Fitness game and accessories (double yay!). I had started it when I was back in NJ but got bored real quick (motivation failed me yet again) and stopped. The game has a 30 day challenge of preset workouts at 3 different workout intensities that you can choose from! So I'm once again doing the 30 day challenge and hope to finish the WHOLE challenge this time, instead of just 20 days! I started today and did Day 1 and then went back and customized a more fun but challenging, nonetheless, workout to make it an hour! Whew I'm predicting sore muscles tomorrow! Ha!

Please note: I amNOT, by any means, promoting Nintendo's console or games, in any way, shape, or form. There has been no contact by either party (me or Nintendo) and honestly, I don't even know if this will work but I'm gonna try it out because I have it. No sense in collecting dust. Ok. Disclaimer out of the way.

Another thing on my list is trying to reduce the chemicals that enter this house. I was reading this months Parents magazine and this article about keeping families safe from toxic chemicals and it really made me think about what I use and how our bodies, on a cellular level, change or morph, due to these chemicals. So I'm going to be researching green products and ways to safely store our food. Chris is onboard, which is awesome, because in order for this to really succeed we both need to be on the same playing field. I don't want to feel like I'm going overboard with this but I think, after reading that article, anything that we come in contact with on a daily basis should be safer.

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Jesse said...

I have heard great things about the wii active! Can't wait to hear what you think about it. I really try to do the green cleaners and laundry soap. I truly think it has a lot to do with asthma and things like that.

p.s Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. =)


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