December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesdays!

I have so much to catch up on and so little time! So here's a quick (or as quick as possible) ten on Tuesday to catch us all up!

1. We went home for Thanksgiving! It was good but completely filled with drama..It's not the holidays without it but at least Logan and Mason got to meet up with their cousins! I did some damage on Black Friday too! Thankfully we were home by that Sunday!

2. My birthday was 2 weeks ago! The big 2-7! My loves bought me some yummy Gigi's Cupcakes!

6 Different flavors for this birthday girl! Sorry if it's blurry I was playing with the settings on the cam.

Pretty pink presents! The Mac was also part of the present!

3. We've been gearing up for Christmas and it has definitely taken us longer than it normally takes us! Get ready for a Christmas post soon though =)

4. Mason turned 3 months old! He's now in a size 2 diaper, wearing 3-6 months, eating rice cereal, still takes 6 oz. bottles, coos and smiles like crazy, recognizes sounds and voices, and even found his hands! He's also been trying to sit himself up when he's laying down! We've already discussed his need to grow up so fast! I'm not liking it!

A little side by side of the two boys at the same age!
Amazing how much they look alike!

5. Chris and I went to Jingle Jam in Tunica this past weekend! It was a great show and I think it's deserving of it's own post so I'll post pics when I do that too!

6. Wedding update: All the pieces of my dress & my dress came in! Ceremony venue is booked, we found a wedding photographer that we love, bridal party is picked and it's small! We're still trying to figure out our dinner reception, invites, favors, & how we're getting around...Oh and hair, make up, flowers, and suits too! This was supposed to be a small, not big deal wedding and it's turning out to be a big deal type of thing...WTH!? Ha!

7. I'm going back to school and start in January so if my blog suffers a bit, I'm sorry, know that it's not forever! I'll still be reading yours =)

8. Weight watchers is going great! I've hit my 5% weight loss goal and now I'm on to conquering my 10% weight loss goal! One more pound and I will have lost 10 lbs! That's amazing for starting during the most tempting time of the year (Halloween through Christmas)! Now I gotta figure out how to fit in exercise and I'll be good!

9. Logan's going to be in his first Christmas school program! I'm super excited!! 
A cute picture for the heck of it!

10. I've been listening non-stop to Pandora radio on my computer! I'm in love with it! 


MrsMommaBee said...

those cupcakes look awesome!

Krystle said...

They were pretty darn good ;-)

Anonymous said... you never mention cupcakes.. and the pictures of Logan and Mason..whew..they do ... =))


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