December 19, 2011

A Christmas House Tour!

I saw Kelly's Korner doing this post last week and I truly wanted to do it as well but like always there was no time to do it then, so I'm going to do it now!  I have never been so behind on Christmas, EVER! This year I was so excited and then it got here and I felt rushed and disorganized and sad but it did get done.

Here's our Christmas decorations for our first home!

Outside lights! 

Logan's own little Christmas tree! Next year Mason will get one too!

Christmas Tree 2011! This one really did come all the way from NJ!

The little niche that house developers LOVE down here in the South!

Logan took this picture! It's the tree at the vantage point of a toddler!

Some of the spots that we have found Frank the Elf! He told us we need more shelving!

And our Christmas card this year! 
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 
♥ ox ♥


MrsMommaBee said...

that tree looks huge?! how big is it? i love logans viewpoint - hah!

Krystle said...

Ha! It is huge, it's 10 feet or 10 1/2 feet...It's the biggest one I've ever had =)


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