December 21, 2011

Chocolate Banana Muffin-time!

Last year HarperCollins Publishers did 65% off of their books for employees employed by News Corporation, for the holiday (thank you!) I'm sure they do it every holiday but last year was the first year I knew about it. Anyways, this year I took full advantage of the 65% discount and lookie at what came in the mail for moi!

What would've cost close to $200 was only about $75! How amazing! And I bought my first cookbook (how sad, haha)! I want to start working on a collection of sorts for the new kitchen that is light years away from being conceived! Anywho, I went through the cookbook this morning and was looking for a banana bread recipe, because we have some very ripe bananas on the counter, and I found one for chocolate muffins! Can't wait to see how good Nigella's recipe works! Up next, chocolate banana muffins! xo

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