December 05, 2011

Pretty Wrapping!

Just looking at these pics of pretty wrappings under the tree make me want to go out and buy ribbon, tags, bows, etc.  I wish I had more time on my hands and more $$ to spend. Maybe next year we'll do pretty wrappings. Right now there's dollars to be spent on school, weddings, and house! For now I'll just Pin away and post about pretty wrappings =)

From Etsy : Paperjacks!



Oh so pretty! There's always next year! My tree is half decorated.
I need more ornaments. Hopefully tomorrow night it'll be complete! 
It needs to be I'm sick of the christmas storage tupperware bins taking up my
dining room!

1 comment:

MrsMommaBee said...

gosh that wrapping is beautiful if only i had the time...


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