August 22, 2011

Ready for Fall?

I know I am! I've been sitting here desperately awaiting the 1st of the September so that I can put out my fall decor (yes, I realize that fall doesn't officially start until the 21st or the 23rd, Ha!).

Sept. throught Dec. are definitely my favorite months. I love the smells, cooking, decorating, baking and dressing for those months! I'm anticipating it's arrival this year for various reasons, one being, a new baby to make new memories with but also I've been a Pinterest addict this summer and have seen some really neat fall ideas.

(Apple Braid Bread...yum!)

Pumpkin pie cupcakes with Graham cracker bottom!!

How cute!? We're growing our own pumpkins so if we get a big enough pumpkin this will definitely be photo opportunity with the new baby!!

(All images via Pinterest)

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