August 23, 2011


I have two decorating dilemmas on the brain right now: Logan's room & the living room.

Logan's room should be easy, right? Wrong! Seriously, I can't find an inkling of inspiration for his room, from the color down to the accessories. I need help and I turned to none other than Pinterest for some inspiration but nada! I'm really leaning towards green but what shade of green? Ahhh, the choices make this hard, plus the fact that we've already painted L's room once and will be repainting it again. (Here are some Pinterest inspiration green rooms):

Chris said doing an accent wall like this again was "So last year" (Really?)

Lowe's doesn't make this color anymore =(

I like this shade of green alot..Might go with this one.

I believe this is wallpaper...

(images via Pinterest)

Okay, so for the second dilemma, my living room. This room carries the hallways and the entrance to the house on its shoulders. Everything would have to be the same color and then be able to coordinate with a dining room that's opened but it's own separate room....

That's just one view of the LR. We want to get chocolate colored couches but I really don't want to do tan walls anymore. I think I'm tanned out...So what to do? I could do a blue living room but what does that mean for my hallways, could they be tan? Chris wanted to do an olive green but I think that's just as overdone as the tan. Again, Pinterest was a source for some inspiration but I also came up with nothing...Here are some of the things I've sorta liked off of Pinterest:

Red with a white accent wall?

Navajo White by Sherwin-Williams
with some coral accents?

A taupe-gray?

Or maybe a color palette like this?

(Images also via Pinterest)

Do you see the dilemma? Way to many choices for a girl with an indecisive nature who has become a Pinterest addict! Ha! If you have any advice pass it along =)

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Jesse said...

It is hard! Love all of your inspiration pics! You might check out made by girl. She had a pretty blue living room with a lovely gallery wall. =)


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