August 31, 2011

New Loves

Today I took a day for myself. I felt (feel) selfish and foolish but oh so wonderful!
I enjoyed trips to Starbuck's Michael's, Target and then had lunch with my hun at McAlister's!

I love Starbuck's Iced Tea Lemonade Passion Fruit (sweetened) but today I had the White Chocolate Mocha and I totally regretted getting just a tall (small).  I didn't know if I was going to like it but I fell for it! Next time I'm making it count =) Oh and it was great with the shortbread cookies, ever try those? They're my favorites...

(via Pinterest)

I bought this cute cardigan at Target (along with the peanut M&M's I've been craving) and some frames for the nursery. On a side note, Target changed their website, and I'm not liking it at all! (That's just me, though)

I can't wait for fall and have already picked out a few things from Old Navy that I want! I decided I'm going to try and be colorful this fall and winter. I'm trying to stay away from safe colors like brown, black, and olive green. I really want a wardrobe instead of just clothes hanging in my closet looking sad. I used to buy clothes all the time and then I stopped. My style is depressing and I started changing that with my maternity clothes but now it's almost time to get out of my maternity clothes, so my regular clothes will need a revamp, as will my postpartum body!

I've had this obsession all summer long with McAlister's sweet tea and had to go there today! So I called up Chris and told him lunch was on me...Sweet, delicious goodness! This coming from the girl who NEVER liked fresh brewed ice tea! 

So far a good day! I'm going to go enjoy some quiet time and scrapbook! Maybe I'll even take pictures of the ones I've already completed and share!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

McAlisters is the best!! LoveLoveLove that place!! I work right by the one on Trinity so I go there a lot more than I should. lolol

Krystle said...

Haha! I totally meant to buy the tumbler and get 99 cent refills but I was so hungry I bought a regular large one and drank it to fast =( I really could use another one!

Jesse said...

Girl you are talking my love language! Love passion tea lemonade sweetened and McAlister's and Target! Some of my faves!! Good for you to take some time for yourself.


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