February 28, 2011

Pink or Blue, We Don't Know!

It's true!
We don't know and won't know
until around September 13th!
Which puts us around 12 weeks!
We're pretty excited!

Things this time around are a lot different.
For one I have an extreme aversion to food.
Yuck, yuck, yuck.
Chicken in particular!
Chris pretty much makes food for him and Logan =(
Except for coffee, which is a favorite now,
 as well as, apples & oranges too!

I actually bought some maternity clothes.
I refuse to wear man-wear for 9 months.
I probably won't take pics of myself again.
I'm really self-conscious as it is! Ha!

Here's what 12 weeks looks like:


MrsB said...

ohmygoodness! congratulations!!! you've been a busy lady lately. :)

happy and healthy pregnancy!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Congrats!! How exciting!

Krystle said...

Thanks =)

Jesse said...

OM Gosh! How exciting Krystle! Congratulations!! Loving your new banner too!



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