February 08, 2011

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News!!

I've been lazy with being on here and not just here but my life in general...That O.W.L. I was supposed to be living by has been a complete failure (so far)...Unfortunately, now I have to kick it in gear and get motivated because I went to the doctor today and she said my BMI is to high for my height. I'm under 5 foot so anything over 130 is to high and I'm on a no white food diet! I googled it and read up on it some and it doesn't appear to be difficult just an adjustment, although alot of people commented that it was difficult.  Has anyone tried this diet?  My mom said it sound similar to the South Beach diet...Who knows. Along with that I have to exercise (this is where I'll need some motivation! ha!)

So as promised so long ago here are some pics of the house....These aren't all of them but they are the ones I have on hand. 
The living room.
We have an idea to change that niche to something else!
And the paint color is changing too..
Kitchen (1)
I should've told you to brace yourself for that orange color.
Kitchen (2)
Straight ahead is the laundry room (which is the same orange color)
Off to the right is the dining room.

Kitchen (3)
We are replacing the sink...
Master Bedroom
It looks like a dark gray but it's actually a dark olive green.
I'm undecided if I want to keep it or paint over it.
Master Bathroom
That room off to the left is the closet.
The vanity is supposed to be where a tub goes (which I do want)
and the brass, which also needs to go! Ha...I'll need a tutorial for refinishing that!

Bonus room
That color is definitely going. This will probably be a guest room, playroom,
scrapbook room all in one!

There are more pics but I just haven't gotten around to taking them.
 Hope everyone's having a good week so far

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