February 15, 2011

23 Months!

23 months!

Where is the time going?

I wish I could stop time.

What you've been up to:
You've been talking so much more clearer and saying so many more words.

You LOVE your Buzz and Woody dolls.

You enjoy going to "school" & I love the reports and stuff you make.

You're definitely much more defiant, a trait of wanting independance.

We converted your crib to a toddler bed. So far so good!
You love your puppy, your puppy loves you, but you can both be handfuls!

You learned the words "my" and "mine". Everything is yours!

You have great taste in a variety of genres when it comes to music, thanks to me =)

Anything with cheese is your favorite food!

Even though you continually change one thing, for sure, that doesn't is that Mommy & Daddy both love you.


Lynnie said...

Awwww....they grow up way too fast! I hate that. I try and push mine down but that doesn't work!!

Jesse said...

He is so cute Krystle! Glad you had a fun a nice Valentine's. I'm always up for Panera! =)

Krystle said...

Lynnie: I know they do =( Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jesse: Thanks! He has a little boy face now =( Ha! Hope you had a nice Valentine's day! Panera was good. I make it a point to always get something different there.


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