February 01, 2011

Happy February♥

Happy February!

January seemed to go by real fast but also felt real slow some days

I'm excited about February

We'll finally move into our house (at some point)
There's Groundhog's Day
And a few birthdays

But I'm really excited about Valentine's Day
I enjoy the holiday
I'm all about roses, candy, pink & red hearts
I usually like to go out for dinner
But I think I'll try a homemade dinner for two

I asked Chris what he wanted for V-Day
His response:
"A rake and a shovel"
Completely unromantic! Ha!

1 comment:

Jesse said...

I tend to love February, but we are not off to a good start. Snowed in is not my idea of a good time. I love Valentine's Day too and then we are one step closer to spring. I bet your excited about your house! =)


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