October 31, 2010

Cowardly Lion!

Happy Halloween!!

Someone was completely unhappy about his costume! I had no idea how trick or treat went around here in TN, so we didn't go out, but I had a little candy hunt for him at home. It was lame but he liked putting candy in his bucket so an Easter egg hunt should go without a hitch. Hopefully by next year I'll get on the Halloween bandwagon and know all the details. I was really sad we didn't trick or treat. There's always next year!

Tomorrow I'll be taking down Halloween decorations, leaving Fall decor up and looking forward to Thanksgiving. Chris' step mom and I talked to today and she said she was going to get his dad tickets to Miami or somewhere else but he said he would much rather see his grandson! So cute! So, hopefully, we'll be getting a visit from them too!

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