October 06, 2010


My agenda today was only to switch around Logan's clothes from summer to fall. Yet, we have had a toy invasion problem since last Christmas and I anticipate more toys this Christmas so Chris and I got to it. We were cleaning up and getting rid of toys. Surprisingly, getting rid of his toys that he's too old to play with now kinda made me sad and I ended up second guessing this entire clean up of toys. I wanted to hold on to each and every single toy. I wanted to hold on to his babyhood instead of his toddlerhood. But I can't and I know that and so I got rid of the toys that he no longer plays with or is to old for and returned some order to our home. The summer clothes also made their way into a bin for next year and there are a ton of empty hangers!! A trip to the outlets is definitely necessary! Ha!!

Last Saturday we took Logan for his 18 month pictures and he was absolutely horrible!! He didn't want to sit or smile or anything and to make matters worse he's still in his teething phase! We did get some cute pics.


Jesse said...

OH! The pictures turned out so cute! He is such a handsome little man! I know what you mean about toys. Just wait til you do the clothes. That's when I have trouble getting rid of things. I think of special moments when they had them on. =) Good luck!

Krystle said...

Thanks =) I experienced the clothes sadness when I packed away his newborn clothes! They were soo itty bitty and I just wanted him to stay itty bitty for a little while longer.


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