October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Fun Pt. 2

Note: I broke up the last post and this one because it was getting picture laden and long!

Last night, I decided we were going to carve our pumpkin. Last year we just painted ours, even though I had every intention of carving! I had looked for stencils and everything but figured to try it freehand and at first it looked "redonkulus" so I just went with the traditional triangles for the eyes and nose. Then I realized my pumpkin was going to look like it had green eyes (I used a green marker) because I drew the triangle over my redonkulus eyes!! Mr. Clean's erasers came in and saved the day there!! Ha!

Chris cleaning out the inside of our pumpkin.

Which was disappointingly not full of pumpkin seeds!
My first eye cutout!! Ha!
Logan with the finished results...
He climbed up on the table and threw everything into the pumpkin!
The pumpkins and the rest of the Halloween decorations:

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Jesse said...

Everything looks so cute!


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