October 13, 2010

Pumpkin L♥ove

Chris and I took Logan to pick out pumpkins at a local farm here in TN! On a recommendation from Liz, I swanted to go to Cedar Hill Farms, in Hernando, MS,  but since I work on the weekends, it's been really hard doing any family activities during the weekend and so we had to do this during the week. I almost put the kabash on the whole deal when the day turned out to be in the 90s! Seriously.  But for fear that the rest of the month would be that way we moved forward and went to pick our pumpkins (it's definitely my FAVORITE fall thing to do!)

It definitely was very different from something that I'm used too! The pumpkin "patch" was in the back yard of someone's home. Very differnt but we proceeded. They had a very cute setup with a play area for kids and Christmas trees already growing in the background! They had some cute photo ops too, so, of course, I took the opportunity!
An old barn on the property

My attempt at taking still life pictures on my digital camera.

An old Ford tractor!

Me & my baby boy♥
I completely forgot to take a pic of our pumpkins but I hope to be carving them next week! So stay tuned for some pumpkin carving fun! My schedule freed up a little bit today for work this weekend so we might just head on down to Hernando and check out Cedar Hill Farms!


Liz said...

Cute photos. Where did you guys end up going?

Krystle said...

We ended up going to Priddy Farms in Bartlett. I've been working 12 hour shifts at work and they're not back to back so I didn't think we were gonna have a chance to go to MS. How was your pumpkin picking?

Liz said...

Unfortunately, we haven't been yet. I pulled a muscle in my back last week which pretty much put a halt to all our weekend plans. :( But I'm sure we'll go in the next couple of weekends.

Krystle said...

That stinks! I read that on your blog! Are you feeling any better? I'm sure when you all go you'll have fabulous pics and pumpkins =)

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

My kids love Priddy Farms.. I take them every year!


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