June 08, 2011

Bathroom Project Complete...Almost.

*Blogger, we're NOT friends right now. This is the 2nd time I'm writing this post!*

Logan's bathroom that I worked on a few months back has been done since April, so this is pretty late coming, but since I blogged about it (you can read it about it here) I wanted to finish it up. 

Here are the befores:
I had some issues with the towel rack placement.

The light fixture had to go! After buying a light fixture for this bathroom and seeing how much that particular fixture costs I understand why they get used. They're only like $20!

Originally when I took down the towel rack and the toilet paper holder I assumed that the room was painted a chocolate brown but when we took down the medicine cabinet it turned out to be purple!

Filling in some holes. I had bought a light fixture for this room that I LOVED but the base didn't cover the hole entirely. It didn't make sense to fill in the hole and repaint the area again so we just returned that one and bought another.

Now the afters:
The color we used is Blue Lagoon (CI189) by Valspar. We bought a double towel rack from Lowe's (made by Delta) and placed it more in the center of the room. I kept the medicine cabinet because I did like it and we moved the towel paper holder to the side of the vanity, closer to the toilet. I really wanted yellow to be the accent color and was going to go with the shower curtain (pictured below) by West Elm. It wasn't jiving with Chris so we ended up purchasing the one pictured in our bathroom from Land of Nod and ended up using the lime green as the accent color. I still need to get a rug for this bathroom that stretches from the sink to the bathtub at least.

source: West Elm
My biggest splurges on this room were definitely the faucet and light fixtures (both made by Delta).  We still need to swap out the beige switches and outlets to white, which we have, we just haven't gotten around to yet. The green tumbler I purchased at Target for $4.99! They had them in all kinds of colors too!

The door knob needs to be changed to match the finish in the bathroom but it's a minor detail that can get changed later! The towels are temporary, since, I'd like to get monogrammed towels with the boys names on them but for the price (bath towels were $4.99 & the hand towels were $3.99 from Target) I can't complain and they matched almost perfectly! Eventually I would like to replace the vanity and mirror but that's a long ways away! Up next: Project Family Room or Project Nursery!


MrsB said...

looks SOOO much better! but really? a PURPLE bathroom?

Krystle said...

Thank you!! Haha I know!


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