March 30, 2011

Bob Villa-esque or Tim Allen-esque?

It's been pretty rainy and cold here so I've taken this opportunity to do things in the house I've been putting off, including tidying up, I even moved Logan's room around and unpacked the stuff I had stuffed in his closet! Yesterday I spent time on my bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining room! Today, since I had to run to the vet and pick up Logan's pictures I decided why not take a trip to Lowe's. It was going to be home improvement day and the guest bathroom (or Logan's bathroom) was my next room on the hit-list!

This mustardy color is everywhere in my house! This bathroom, the hallways, my dining room, & living room. I'm honestly over it! It's mustard overload! 
The placement of the hardware has been getting on my nerves. I know to each their own but this was towel rack was placed high, and I know I'm short, but I felt this was higher than average. So I was more than happy to take them down and spackle them! 
I thought I was gonna need tool but alas I did not. I was turning and turning, the whole time, in my head reciting "Righty, tighty, lefty, loosey" but I was getting nowhere! So I grabbed a flashlight and saw the butterfly metal piece that goes in the wall (btw, the technical term is toggle bolt anchor). I have no idea how the heck that comes out so I use my phone lifeline and call Chris. He gets what I'm saying and tells me how to do it. Apparently they don't come out they'll just fall in the wall...I'm not down with that but ok.

Holy holes in the wall! There are FIVE of them!! I spackled them and threw up a slather of paint on various spaces on the wall. Apparently the mustard bathroom was a chocolate brown before. I would've rather that!

This is really the color I'm going for but...

...I think this is where the color is more headed. Either way I think it'll look great with white and yellow accents! So excited to see how this turns out! I also did some progress on my scrap closet/storage area.

It's not done but at least the shelves are up and there are stuff on them. I still need to get some more bins and paper holders...All my scrap paper is still in boxes. I need to change the light fixture, finish painting the molding on the other side and either hang up some pictures or some device to clip my finished pages to...Not sure yet, though! Up after all this is getting the guest room and bonus room ready for a visit Chris' cousin and his family are making in a little over two weeks! We're super excited to have them come down! So how am I lookin', Bob Villa-esque or Tim Allen-esque?  Haha!


MrsB said...

so far, so good! cant wait to see the new paint color!

Jesse said...

Oh my gosh that towel bar! It is ridiculously high! That would have driven me nuts too! You are going to have fun making it yours. =)


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