April 05, 2011

Tidbit Cards.

This year we didn't have a big birthday party for Logan but still some people sent Logan birthday gifts and others didn't. I usually include his birthday pictures with a thank you, however, since not everyone sent gifts (which is fine) I decided to make tidbit cards updating on everyone what Logan's been up to lately to send along with his picture. Then on the back of the tidbit cards I wrote a personal thank you to each person who did send Logan something.

Materials: Light blue Bazzill cardstock cut to a 5 x7 size,
Party Hearty "Candy Buttons" cut to a size 4 x 6, and the
white cardstock I tried to cut down to a 3.5 x 5 but it didn't
work out so I cut it to fit within the mat;
Ink: Chalk Box in Lagoon Blue; Yellow ribbon.

The tidbit card design was inspired by my high school friend and fellow blogger, Nicole, at FromOurPlaceToYours, who made her own baby shower invites. They were so cute and the idea was stuck in my head forever! You can view her invites here! Now I just have to find envelopes and send them out this week.
My little man playing with his Woody figure and a random block while Mommy was crafting!


MrsB said...

hahah love it! thanks for the shoutout!

Krystle said...

No problem!! I loved your invites =)


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