September 25, 2011

Life With 2.

Remember in this post
I had all these things set to do to keep me "occupied"
Ha! I could and have laughed at myself!

Let's see, I did sign up for a trial of Netflix
and started Mad Men.
Not sure what all the hype was about but it is entertaining,
especially during midnight feedings.

I did not get to read all but maybe three pages of The Help or any book
so maybe I'll by the book and read them at my own pace.
With one child it could've been possible to read a 400 or so page book in
21 days but right now it's just not possible!

It took me 2 days to read all the past blog posts that I missed and
I realized I may need to cut back on how many I read...
I started posting new posts because I had so many things I wanted to remember.

My house is not spotless and that makes me feel guilty.
Like I feel guilty for sitting here typing this while my dining table still has remnants from
this morning's breakfast.
Honestly, all I want to do is take a shower, have another cup of coffee,
and read all five magazines that came through the mail.
I want to shut my phone off, the TV off, send the babies off with Chris and have
30 blissful minutes of silence.
But then I'd miss them and want them to come home ♥


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

How are you liking Mad Men?
I thought about starting it.

Krystle said...

I'm liking it! Definitely an eye opener into what life in the early 60s was like and what the social expectations were! I think you'd like it.


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