September 28, 2011

Fall TV Lineup!

When fall comes around I become the biggest prime time junkie! Like EVER! My DVR fills up so fast it's insane! So what am I watching this season?

Love this show!


New Girl


And only because I love and miss Simon on Idol!

If you're a parent you'll totally relate!


So similar to Mad Men
(another show I'm watching but on Netflix)

When do I get the time to watch?
Naptimes, bedtime, middle of the night feedings!
I'll be honest I've been a faithful Grey's viewer since it started
and I haven't had a chance to watch the season premiere yet..
I watched the last 3 episodes of Glee from season 2 on the night of the
season premiere...So I don't always get to watch them right away but I try too.
So what are you watching this season? I hope I'm not the only junkie out there!

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