September 22, 2011


My first baby turned two and half last Thursday
I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and when I read it
it made me tear up.

It's all true!
I love watching him play with his toys
I love hearing him talk
I'm not a fan of him being fresh or of his temper tantrums
but it comes with the territory of being 2.5 years old.

So these are some things about Logan that I don't want to forget at 2 1/2:
-Cars is his new favorite movie! Oh and he needs his Duplo Lego "Cars" to play with them
-He started repeating EVERYTHING we say clear as day!
So true!
(source: pinterest)
-He became a big brother and loves his baby brother soo much!
-He's become pickier than ever with food..
-He's been in a big boy bed for about a month and I think he's finally adjusted to it =)
-He may be almost three but he's still my baby!


Jesse said...

So sweet! They do grow way to fast!

Krystle said...

I know it's so sad! Especially when I see Mason and realize Logan was once that small!


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