July 18, 2011

7 Weeks

Seven weeks (tomorrow) until I meet the newest bundle of joy. He needs to bake a little longer but I won't lie, I'm terribly uncomfortable. There can't possibly be anymore room for him to grow into on my small frame but somehow he does.  Lemme tell you just how painful the Braxton Hicks contractions are nowadays too! NOT FUN!

Either way in 7 weeks we'll have a bundle of joy to bring home and introduce to our first baby and our puppy and family and friends. But he also needs his own space and THAT, my friends, has not been a task I've been on top of.

Here's a sneak peek of what will be going on in this little boy's room:

Here's the bottom half of the walls painted.
(When it's all done I'll revisit what it used to look like!)

The inside of the closet that is more like our storage unit for all things baby.
(Logan modeling the baby stuff)

Sneak peek of the bedding!

Can't wait to see this room come together! I hope our baby doesn't surprise us and say "Hello guys I'm actually a girl!" Ha!

Logan also needs his room completed badly! I painted his room and had an idea and I'm just not in love with it at all! His closet was also acting like a storage area so I took everything out, threw things away, rearranged furniture (don't worry Chris helped with the big furniture!) and tried to make his room feel bigger. This is what I came up with (temporarily)...
I moved his dresser into the closet and moved his shelf to where the dresser used to sit! On the side of his crib are an enormous amount of stuffed animals that I have no idea what to do with but I hate that they're sitting on the floor!

I also hung a DVD rack for Logan's movies and and those 3M hooks for his hats and bags. The other side of the closet is where I put his dresser.

We need to get him a big boy bed soon so I'm sure it'll change yet again in the near future and I (or Chris) will definitely be repainting his room. The bright turquoise is just not melding with me or the rest of the house. So, yeah, 7 weeks and counting! Hope everyone had a great weekend ♥


Jesse said...

Gosh! Can you believe how fast your pregnancy is going! Doesn't seem that long ago you just found out! =)

Krystle said...

I know!! Now we've got 6 weeks left!! I can't wait =)


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