July 13, 2011

My No Good Very Bad Day!

source: www.pinterest.com via Jessica Holland

And the day's not even over! I don't like posting about bad days because no one likes to read about bad days but I still have 11 hours in the day and I've already had a meltdown so this is my no good very bad day so far!

I took Logan to his first story time at the library today (YAY!) and he was good for most of the stories but then his cranky baby self took over and he was screaming "No, No, No" and then turning around and hitting me and my sister. I still don't know how to handle those situations in public but I kept grabbing his hand and firmly telling him he needed to behave in his ear! I was pretty embarrassed but then I had had enough and took him and put him in time out, which ensued more crying and screaming, in the library nonetheless! I felt more embarassed by the sea of onlookers who were watching my son throw his tantrum and me sitting next to him waiting for it to stop! I knew he was tired so we finished up and left.Sti

Then I figured since he was tired he would fall asleep and I could leave him with my sister and run to Home Depot to get some paint samples for the baby's room. I get there, order my samples, browse around, and when I came back my sunglasses were slipping off my head so I put them down for a split second, grab the paints, paid for them, realized I didn't have my glasses, came back and they were GONE! Someone swiped them. I loved those things and was pretty upset. I asked both service desks if anyone had brought them up but no one had. I was on the verge of tears but said to myself they can be replaced it's okay and home I came.

Still being upset about my sunglasses, I indulged in a few Oreo cookies with milk and sat down while Logan napped and then my chipped tooth (which chipped Sunday morning) became a full broken tooth thanks to an Oreo! UNBELIEVABLE. I guess this day could be worse but really a broken tooth sent me over the edge into a full blown meltdown with snot and tears. I really hope my bad day is over because anything else might send me to bed and not want to get out!

I saw the above quote on a board on Pinterest that I follow and thought it was relevant to today. Hopefully the day gets better ♥


Jesse said...

Hugs to you girl! We all have days like that.

Krystle said...

Thanks Miss Jesse =) xo


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