March 23, 2011

Outside Livin'

There's a perk to living in the mid-south! While the Northeast is battling a wintry mix and some cold rain we've been enjoying lovely spring weather! They say it's supposed to get cooler and we'll be getting some rain in the future but who can think about that when you can hang out outside right NOW! The mid-south, though, however, wondrous this mild weather is, is wrecking havoc on mine and Chris' allergies.

The dog was enjoying the weather too!

Logan enjoying my Nook!
Yesterday I suffered on with my allergies because it was overcast, windy and I really thought it would rain but alas it didn't. I did end up taking Logan to the park to meet up with a girl from work who brought her son. Let's just say that I really have no big brother worries at this time! I think he'll be a great big brother!

Logan with his little friend!
Logan has been having some sleep issues. Apparently we turn two and naps are no longer the cool thing two year olds do anymore! Needless to say I thought the park would've done him in but it didn't and I finally had to put him down and walk away. I enjoyed the rest of my book, Mennonite in a Black Dress, in my backyard! He eventually did fall asleep and I became motivated to finish up the scrap closet (storage room). Hopefully by the end of the week my stuff will have it's own place and we can start working on the guest bedroom/nursery.

Today we just hung out, worked on the closet and enjoyed the sunshine yet again! We had Play-Doh success unlike last year where we didn't and I honestly think little boys with their hats backwards are cute =) I also bought Claritin and today we're having a better day =) Hope everyone is enjoying spring!


Jesse said...

Love that pic of Logan and his little buddy! So cute!

MrsB said...

your pup is getting so big!!


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