March 05, 2013

New Background

Oh boy! I've failed. Epically. My poor blog has been neglected x3. We've been so busy with work, kids, life, I haven't had a chance to do anything...I even neglect my Facebook! 

I might just let this one go and start a new one about the boys for family. I don't know yet. Life is busy. 

These boys keep us busy. 


September 09, 2012


My 2nd post for 2012 happens in September!! Really don't know how I let it get this far! So this is what happened while I was absent from my poor blog, that is still decked out in christmas!
I went back to school starting in January, which kept me preoccupied, and got straight A's!
Played with these two beautiful boys! 

 Celebrated Logan's 3rd Birthday

Studied for MONTHS for the the nursing school entrance exam, which I'm happy to report, I passed!

Played all the time with these boys!

Painted our kitchen! Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore, if y'all are interested.

Celebrated Chris' birthday!

Married my best friend on June 9, 2012! It was beautiful and fun! Wish I could do it again!

Went canoeing in Arkansas with my new hubs!

Cut my hair! Love it!

Watched one of my besties get married!!
Went to the Outer Banks. Our cousins gifted this trip to us and it was by far the best wedding present ever! And yes, we took our boys!
My grandparents met their great grandkids for the first time.

My nephew, Ephraim, was born.
Logan learned how to pinky promise and was making me pinky promise to everything!
I made some whoopie pies! 

Went to New Orleans to see my grandfather who needed to have a cardioaversion.

Started my 2nd semester.

Got Mason into a big boy car seat! 

Found out that living in Memphis has given me asthma! Thanks TN.

Celebrated one of my besties sons' birthday!

And celebrated my baby boy's first birthday! So bittersweet!
There was a whole lot more that went on and a whole lot more to come!
Hopefully I can keep up! I miss blogging.

January 03, 2012

It's Official!

We've set a date
to ring some wedding bells!

♥ June 9th, 2012! ♥

We've got some ideas and I'll probably be blogging
them so that I know what I'm doing. Ha!

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's the night before Christmas!
We've been waiting for this night all month
and year (if you're like me).
We've done some crazy shopping, eating, and drinking.
We've gone to parties and hosted parties.
We've stressed ourselves out and probably spent a lot of money.

In reality we wouldn't do anything differently.
We do this for our families and our children.
The twinkle in their eyes and their smiles make all the craziness worthwhile.
We should remember that this is the season for giving. 
We should also remember why we celebrate Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas,
we should remember our Savior. 
Thank you Jesus for this holiday, for my family, our memories, my children, my friends,
and everything in between, big and small! You are the reason we celebrate!

Don't forget tomorrow to just

Merry Christmas!
From my house to yours!

December 21, 2011

Chocolate Banana Muffin-time!

Last year HarperCollins Publishers did 65% off of their books for employees employed by News Corporation, for the holiday (thank you!) I'm sure they do it every holiday but last year was the first year I knew about it. Anyways, this year I took full advantage of the 65% discount and lookie at what came in the mail for moi!

What would've cost close to $200 was only about $75! How amazing! And I bought my first cookbook (how sad, haha)! I want to start working on a collection of sorts for the new kitchen that is light years away from being conceived! Anywho, I went through the cookbook this morning and was looking for a banana bread recipe, because we have some very ripe bananas on the counter, and I found one for chocolate muffins! Can't wait to see how good Nigella's recipe works! Up next, chocolate banana muffins! xo

December 19, 2011

A Christmas House Tour!

I saw Kelly's Korner doing this post last week and I truly wanted to do it as well but like always there was no time to do it then, so I'm going to do it now!  I have never been so behind on Christmas, EVER! This year I was so excited and then it got here and I felt rushed and disorganized and sad but it did get done.

Here's our Christmas decorations for our first home!

Outside lights! 

Logan's own little Christmas tree! Next year Mason will get one too!

Christmas Tree 2011! This one really did come all the way from NJ!

The little niche that house developers LOVE down here in the South!

Logan took this picture! It's the tree at the vantage point of a toddler!

Some of the spots that we have found Frank the Elf! He told us we need more shelving!

And our Christmas card this year! 
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year 
♥ ox ♥

December 14, 2011

Jingle Jam 2011!

Chris and I went to Jingle Jam in Tunica for my birthday! It was our first time going to a concert, together, which is sad because we've been together almost 4 years! Anywho, the local radio station put it together and the concert consisted of The Cab, Nick Carter, Simple Plan, James Durbin (American Idol contestant), and Hinder! I think they should've mixed it up genre wise but I guess local stations take what they can get! All in all it was a good show, played good songs (and a lot of my favorites) and Nick Carter even sang an old Backstreet Boys song!

But before we went to Jingle Jam, we checked into our hotel! We stayed at the Veranda, in the Paula Deen suite!! It was the biggest hotel room I've stayed in yet and it was so much fun! Of course I had to take some pics!

Haha I was fascinated by the fact that a telephone was next to the toliet!

Our bathroom! I had a standing shower and a jacuzzi jet bath tub!

These king size beds I keep staying in make me want to upgrade my own bed!

Our living room area!

There was also a half bathroom!

I had to take a pic of the doors because I've never stayed at a place with double doors! I will admit I felt a little bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Ha!

Our view! You can see my reflection because I have no idea how to keep that from happening.

Ok, now on to the show's pics! Bear with me =)

The Cab!

Nick Carter!

Simple Plan!

James Durbin!

My and the my love!
I'm gonna get a little mushy!
I love you honey! Thank you for making this night and every day, night, month, year possible! You're my greatest support, my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, and everything else! You make me so happy and I can't wait until we complete each other by getting married! I'm a very lucky girl to have you! ♥


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