January 18, 2011

What A Week To:

Last week was uneventful untilll Thursday:

-Chris's mom and her husband drove down from New Jersey! While they enjoyed the sights of Graceland on Friday we

-Went to see a daycare ("school") for Logan, which, he absolutely LOVED!! He didn't want to leave, and this was just a tour. My heart felt better knowing that my baby was going to do ok so that I could work full-time hours at my job. After the daycare tour, we did our final walk through of the house and CLOSED on it!! So exciting and overwhelming at the same and I'll post some pictures soon! If the day wasn't already overwhelming we threw in adopting a puppy! Yes we adopted a puppy!! Crazy?! Absolutely!

Introducing "Missy", or what she's known for right now. We're not really sold on Missy, but sorta kept it because Logan was able to say it so clearly.  She's a 6 or 7 week lab/border collie mix and we adopted her from a local shelter. Logan loves his new puppy but we definitely have to keep an eye on the two of them. One will hurt the other without meaning too. It's like toddlers x 2! To add a little more change to my life, I went and got a haircut. My long hair now short but some much more manageable and it felt so much better! I'll post pics of that soon!

-Saturday we spent most of the day at the Memphis Zoo with Chris' mom and her husband. Logan was beyond crabby and it was cold but it beat sitting at home, which is what we did on

-Sunday! Yeah it was a complete veg day! As was

-Monday. Except Monday we started moving stuff over to the new house and I made a delicious stew, in the crock pot, of course! I used a different recipe that I will definitely use again. I'll post that later too!

-Today, I made a pit stop to Home Depot, picked out some color swatches for the house, and taped away! So there's a lot to show, a lot to blog about, and I still haven't found my camera chargers!! Grrr. Maybe I'll videotape a tour of the house...At least I can find that charger! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend ♥

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